Frequently Asked Questions

July 23, 2024 1:40 PM

No. The government fee must be paid with a check or money order. The remaining fees may be paid using most payment methods.

The fee is $190 for adult passports, or $160 for children under the age of 16.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our only physical locations are located in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

No. Only passports in your possession can be renewed. If you do not have your previous passport, you will be applying for a new passport.

You will need proof of travel within at least 14 days to apply for a rush passport.

Passport photos can be taken at our office. If you aren’t located near one of our locations, they can also be taken at a CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or most other grocers.

In most cases your current passport will be taken from you when you apply for a renewal. You’ll receive your previous passport back once the application process is complete.

We can guarantee the delivery of your passport as far as the completion of documentation on our end. If you have outstanding child-support, debt, or other situations that might impede your application process that you do not make us aware of, we cannot be sure you’ll receive your passport in time.

We do not guarantee that couriers will not experience inclement weather delays which could delay the delivery of your passport.

No. Once you’ve started an application process with the federal government, you’ll need to cancel that application before proceeding with our service.

If you’re abroad and need a passport, your best bet is to contact the local US Embassy or Consulate. These agencies can issue US citizens temporary passports so they may travel back to the United States.

Supplementary documents tend to be mailed back 1-2 weeks after your passport is mailed back. If you have not received your documents after that period of time, we recommend that you contact the Department of State directly: 877-487-2778

In most cases you won’t be able to travel abroad with a passport that isn’t at least 6 months valid. Depending on the country this cut-off may also be 3 months.

No, if you received a passport before the age of 16, you may not renew it.

If one parent will not consent to the issuing a passport for a minor then the minor cannot get a passport. These rules are in place to protect the child from potential one parent abduction

Yes. If one parent cannot be present then the non-appearing parent may sign a DS-3053 to give their permission to the appearing parent to apply for the passport. DS-3053s must be signed and notarized

For an infant up to 6 months of age, a valid SSN is not required. You must provide a written letter from both parents stating that the SSN has not yet been issued.

A passport card is a passport ID that can be used for travel by land to Mexico or Canada, and travel by sea to most islands in the Caribbean.

No. Passport cards are purely supplemental and can be used to travel to Mexico, Canada, or the Carribean by land or sea.

You can order a new birth certificate from

No. You’ll need to get a new naturalization certificate before proceeding. To do so, you’ll need to contact the Department of Immigration.

The entire process cannot be completed online. However you can find most of the documents required, print them out, and ship them to the necessary authority.

No, passport photos must be taken within 3 months of the time of submitting your application.

In most cases, no. Different states have different limits on the amount of child support you can owe before being denied a passport, so we recommend that you check with your child support agency.

Depending on the felony, no.

No, please apply at your country’s consulate or embassy

You can track your status with us by going to this link:

In most cases this will mean that the passport you reported lost or stolen will be canceled. You should contact the US Department of State to confirm the passports status: 877-487-2778

If it hasn’t yet been a year, you can take your passport back to where you applied to have it shipped out and have any errors corrected free of charge! If it’s been more than a year, you’ll have to correct the errors as part of a passport renewal process